photo credit: stephcarter via photopin cc The reunion was much simpler than my Disney-fueled, dramatic self had anticipated. There was no slow motion running. No emotional music. No tears. No monologue or duet.

Just a simple knock at the door.

“Hi baby,” he said as he kissed me on the cheek and walked into the hotel room. It was like he had run down to the store to pick up some milk and had only been gone five minutes.

He wandered over to his bed to drop off a bag and straight away, I saw it. I immediately recognised what his pace was implying, because believe it or not, strides have suggestions. At least his do.

His short walk implied a subtle (yet effective) push to hurry up because; ‘just five more minutes’ had turned into twenty. I know, shocking. Usually it wouldn’t matter and he would take a seat to plan out our afternoon, but today we had a driver awaiting us and, apparently in the south (slash everywhere else), it’s rude to keep people waiting. I know, right?

Oh, yes, that stance was his non-verbal way of saying, ‘come on honey, let’s get a move on.’

With one last spray of perfume, dry shampoo (because clean hair is overrated) and hairspray, I picked up my bag. That was my non-verbal way of asking, “How do I look?”

“You look beautiful,” he reassured me as he opened the door. And then came the question that, in the twenty-four (almost twenty-five) years he has known me, has never needed a verbal response.

“Ready to go shopping?”

Is the pope a catholic? Do blondes have more fun? Are Murphy’s winners? Duh.

(For those playing at home, the answer is yes. Because I write the blog and I’m a blonde Murphy. And because I said so.)

And so off we went. Side note: As it turns out, Alabama has an Urban Outfitters. As it also turns out, I’m really good at shopping. One of those things I already knew pretty well.

We ate some popsicles and returned to the hotel for an afternoon nap, because, well, jetlag and overnight flights. And because afternoon naps are awesome.

It really was a simple reunion. We needed no help in picking up exactly where we left off. And I couldn’t be happier. The non-verbal conversations as strong as ever.

There’s just something about him, something I find difficult to put into verbs and metaphors for you to adequately experience alongside me.

It’s not about what he does or how he feels. It’s about what happens to me, what happens in me, when he is physically in my world, in my space, in my life.

My hearts is at rest. There is a calming of my emotions. My fears are quieter and my dreams louder. When he is around, I know everything is going to be ok. I am safe.

Why? Because he’s my dad. And he said so.

And guess what -- though you may not experience what I do when my dad is around, you have access to a Father that is even better than mine. He is perfect. He is waiting for you to open the door so he can kiss you on the cheek and can pick up where you left off. And when you do? Your heart will be at rest. Your fears will grow quieter and your dreams louder.

Yes, when you open the door to the Father, everything is going to be ok. You are safe.

Why? Because He’s your Abba. And He said so.

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