photo credit: alexcoitus via photopin cc There will be a point in your life, where you will fear something. But it won’t feel like the usual fear. Because this time it won’t be paralysing. It will move you to action.

Because it won’t be the fear of failure.

Or the fear of milk that expired yesterday.

It won’t be the fear of “what if.”

And it most definitely won’t be the fear of what other people think.

I promise you there will come a time when the fear of regret will outweigh all of your other fears. That, my lovely, will be a beautiful day. Because that will mean it is time.

It is time to take your leap of faith.

Today, two days before my birthday, I’m peeking over my own cliff face. I have one foot dangerously close to the edge while the rest of me is pleading to run back to the safe, warm, comfortable look out. But the look out is boring.

Seriously, no good story ever started with, “this one time, I was at the observatory lookout.”

You know why? Because the cliff is where the action happens. So today? I’m not listening to the ‘rest of me.’

I don’t want to be safe. Or perfect. Or comfortable. I want to be brave. (click to tweet)

So I’m about to jump.

To be honest (I refuse to write the abbreviation), I don’t know what’s going to happen. I could fail. I could forget everything I’ve ever been taught and plummet to the ground at an excessive speed. I could land in a tree. Let’s face it; I will probably land in a tree at some point.

This landing could be very bumpy. This rise could end in a fall.But you know what’s worse? Not rising for fear of the fall. I've realised that rising, in the face of fear, is a sign of growth.

And maybe that’s the thing about getting older. Perhaps it has less to with growing up and more to do with just growing. (click to tweet)

So I’m making a decision. If only for today, if only for this moment, I’m going to grow. And I’d love you to join me, in fact, I need you to join me.

Let’s grow. Let’s step a little closer to the edge. Today is the day we decide that the fear of regret outweighs the fear of failure.

You ready? One. Two. Three.


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